Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bicycle Therapy Therapy #1: How Willem Met Jack

Though this incarnation of our team is a fresh-faced four years old, various Bicycle Therapists have a long history of sharing drafts — of the two-wheel and tripel ale kinds both. Being a relative newcomer, I'm unearthing new history all the time. In this series, we learn about the roots of Team Bicycle Therapy / Melitta.

John-Jack Drummond on the left, Willem Heydendael on the right.

BT: Jack and Willem, you're the current dons of three team mainstays: Tuesday morning sprints, burrito Thursdays, and Friday morning coffee rides. It was meant to be. How did these forces collide?

Willem: We met a few years ago... at La Colombe.

BT: How charming!

Willem: Shane, Jack, and I had gone on a long ride to Goshen that day, and Jack had this Trek 613. He said it was was his winter bike. I'd never known anyone with a winter bike before, and I thought that was so cool.

Jack: Because I'm a man-child, I didn't realize that people my age could be married.

BT: Even though you age-doped into the master's field this year?

Jack: Anyway, Willem was really nice, and he was married. Put those two things together, and I was convinced he was born-again.

Willem: Then we bonded over the treasures one finds in the woods while mountain biking, and that sealed it.


  1. Cannondale Six13! God bless Shane for bringing Willem into my life.

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